Thursday, August 19, 2010

Street Session

Last Sunday went out with my newly photog friends during Olympus PEN Workshop; Robin. He is popular with his philosophy called "Shutter Therapy" which to my's true!~ I do love to hear my shutter clicking or snapping. Below are my pictures taken during 2 hours of walking from Masjid Jamek to Petaling Street. Lots of fun!~ but yet this is my 1st time..more on landscape, portrait wise still afraid to approach unknown people. Look forward for more of this!~ now..let's the pictures talk..

I'm attracted how beautiful the colour of the buildings and one old man sitting there.
Early Birds get the Worm - An Indian bookstore open early in the morning for the day.
Opposite direction of the signboard and the car create my interest to shoot this photo.
Independence Month
Hall of Red Signs
This is how Robin looks like when seizing the moment. =P
This shot was like in 5s time, the car across us and I just grab my camera to snap this shot.
Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad Entrances.
The eyewitness of the up and down of a country named; Malaysia.
Lonely sidewalk, with a lonely post.
Kuala Lumpur originality; The meet point of Gombak river and Klang River.
It feels like, a petal of flower symbolizes of someone who we love and care.
Antique - the most powerful of attraction..
Walking shoes.
Petaling Street, China Town.
Another side of world yet to be seen.
A reward for myself in a picture after half day walking in the shine of a sun.


oYaMa said...

Somehow I noticed few pictures uploaded in here jadi blur.. need to resize 100% view in here ke? -_-"

robin said...

Hi Oyama,
Awesome, awesome shots !!! I have to admit, you have a natural eye for good subjects. Considering this was your first time, and having come home with so many nice shots, you put me to shame. My first Street Walk I only had less than 10 usable shots, and those were not even that usable ahahahaha.
You nailed down the bulb shot very nicely. I like that one very much.

Must do this again ya. Shutter therapy rocks !!

oYaMa said...

thanks..but did learn alot from u as well.. yup.. next time we try to gather a bit more.. then more ideas it will be!~ =D

Affan Azami said...

i realy like both the flag and bulb photos tu. bestnye sejak berbini baru ni. i wish to be IN your shot. hahaha.

oYaMa said...

haha.. you will be in my shot later on.. :D but not so good in portraiture style.. that's why most of my picture more on landscape style.. >_<"

but will work on it later on.. :)

Sarsir said...

nice bulb oyama!

oYaMa said...

mekasih faruq~ :)
masih blajar2 jugak..

sheila izrin zaki said...

awesomeness! :) ...n kl seems empty.

oYaMa said...

ah ha!~ i just noticed when u said empty.. my whole set of this picture nampak cam sunyik plak KL nih..haha.. :D

sheila izrin zaki said...

just noticed huh? hehe what time it was? pergi jalan2 selepas subuh ka? haha

oYaMa said...

haha.. around 9am.. >_<

lAl said...

Sedap..... Memang sedap..ahaha

oYaMa said...

apa yang sedap?? XD

oyenks said...

suka yg bulb tu jugak! :)

oYaMa said...

thanks!~ =D