Friday, August 27, 2010

SRP Batch '87 Orphanage House Visit.

Last week such a busy week..and last weekend I haven't got a chance to seize moments in such street that I post earlier. But I do went to Semenyih, for an event of SRP (Sekolah Rantau PETRONAS Batch '87). Neither abstracts nor arts really want to post in here, just want to share with you. Kind of my first event to shoot at, tougher during Ramadan. Neither official photographer nor charged, just volunteered myself to be with the kids. P/s: You can click the picture to see better view of it. Thanks.

The orphans
Couldn't afford to miss the moment - love how the baby interact with my friend; Affan.
This was candid as I saw the baby is trying to smile - yup, he's born with few disability as you can see.
This baby really catch my attention, and yet my friends as well. In the pic, Feena with the baby.
The SRP Batch '87 members entertain the orphans by decorating their wall.
The decorated wall; it's done by the orphans with helps of SRP Batch '87 members.
The SRP Batch' 87 members.
Thanks for everyone that inviting me to this event, even I'm not SRPians. Great experiences, great effort. On top of all, you've done your part and now let them chose their own path.


Affan Azami said...

thanks zul!

Izra said...

Neither official photographer nor charged..keke.alala,ciannye..terimalah kasih ye!hihi XD

Affan Azami said...

takkan terima kasih je. kurang2 blanje SAHUR. SAHUR ye (i skang PA Zul)

oYaMa said...

ehem2.. ahaha.. SAHUR ye inchek PA? sampai da kawen le baru dapat~ hhaha.. :P

robin said...

Selamat Hari Raya dude !!!