Monday, November 1, 2010

Stop for Hunger - Walkathon 2010 Putrajaya

So last Saturday, me and my friend got a chance to attend an event called as "stop for hunger 2010 Walkathon" organized by KFC Holdings Sdn Bhd. This event held at Presint 3, infront of Palace of Justice. As always, shots taken and let them speak now. Enjoy! :)

It's better to give than to take.
Sumo anyone?
Kids don't want to miss the experience to be a sumo wrestler.
Clown for children
Long-leg clown to humour everyone.
Ball Driving
Driving a car never been this hard.

Hit me; Buzz!
A mother and her son enjoy playing touch me; buzz!
A child playing darts
A kid enjoy playing darts.
Warming up.
Warming up for the walk session.

Walkathon starts!
Approx. 7000 participants had joined this walkathon event.
Indian Musician
Indian musician.
Breakdance Battle
Break-dance Battle; A member of RKS CRW group stand head down on a single hand, while his team mates watching.

Malay Art of Defence - Silat Performance.
A great performance of malay arts of defence; Silat.

Dance Performance by School kid.
Not to be missed, an energetic dance performance by school kids.
Jalil Hamid.
Infamous with his song entitle "Ayam" back in a decade ago. Jalil Hamid in action.
Ramli Sarip
Ramli Sarip in his opening performance.
Ramli Sarip
Indeed a father of rock in Malaysia. Truly awesome performance.