Friday, August 6, 2010

Danbo dan fire drill.

"Don't underestimate other people, they might seen weaker but infact stronger than you are.."

P/S: Just saje2 nak letak di sini even kat facebook pun da ada.. This shot taken 50mm f/1.8 ngan Nikon D90. Setup props in D.I.Y Light box with the rubic hang up to a chair to give the floating effect. Post-processing to erase out the string attached and edit for lomography photo style. 


My office level 33 not sure where it's..but obviously
above the center mark.
Courtesy to the photographer; Syahrin Yahya.

Last Tuesday ada fire drill di Maxis Tower, KLCC. So, as you guys know..we must not use the lift during emergency and have to use the staircase to evacuate the building. But for me, this is the first time I've got to evacuate a building in a fire emergency drill from 33rd Floor!!!! Yup by using emergency staircase until the Ground Floor.. phewhh~ (tapi lagi kesian to those in KLCC Tower yer.. hihi.. 40 below kena pakai tangga jugak kan..)

Apa2 pun, actually it's not that tiring.. just my calf feel fatigue after awhile..but today feel much better.. Kesian one of my office-mate that was attached to Subang Plant came on that day for a meeting....and kena the fire drill as well..hahahah.. cam tahu2 je arituh nak buat fire drill.. Apa2 pun Khairul, anggap ini sebagai exercise sudeyh~ =D

So that's all for now.. thanks for reading my celoteh in here.. :)



steellusion said...

oik, haha.. suda polow blog ang, kasi taruk chat box sama, mau spam :P

oYaMa said...

hahah..tenkiu2..akan ku letak chat box..dulu ada..tapi tukar theme aritue kasi buang~ hahaha

Sarsir said...

lomo neh lg nice kalu 4 mende2 yg berkilat...nanti ak updet gamba satu ak edit pkai lomo kat blog