Friday, August 27, 2010

SRP Batch '87 Orphanage House Visit.

Last week such a busy week..and last weekend I haven't got a chance to seize moments in such street that I post earlier. But I do went to Semenyih, for an event of SRP (Sekolah Rantau PETRONAS Batch '87). Neither abstracts nor arts really want to post in here, just want to share with you. Kind of my first event to shoot at, tougher during Ramadan. Neither official photographer nor charged, just volunteered myself to be with the kids. P/s: You can click the picture to see better view of it. Thanks.

The orphans
Couldn't afford to miss the moment - love how the baby interact with my friend; Affan.
This was candid as I saw the baby is trying to smile - yup, he's born with few disability as you can see.
This baby really catch my attention, and yet my friends as well. In the pic, Feena with the baby.
The SRP Batch '87 members entertain the orphans by decorating their wall.
The decorated wall; it's done by the orphans with helps of SRP Batch '87 members.
The SRP Batch' 87 members.
Thanks for everyone that inviting me to this event, even I'm not SRPians. Great experiences, great effort. On top of all, you've done your part and now let them chose their own path.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Street Session

Last Sunday went out with my newly photog friends during Olympus PEN Workshop; Robin. He is popular with his philosophy called "Shutter Therapy" which to my's true!~ I do love to hear my shutter clicking or snapping. Below are my pictures taken during 2 hours of walking from Masjid Jamek to Petaling Street. Lots of fun!~ but yet this is my 1st time..more on landscape, portrait wise still afraid to approach unknown people. Look forward for more of this!~ now..let's the pictures talk..

I'm attracted how beautiful the colour of the buildings and one old man sitting there.
Early Birds get the Worm - An Indian bookstore open early in the morning for the day.
Opposite direction of the signboard and the car create my interest to shoot this photo.
Independence Month
Hall of Red Signs
This is how Robin looks like when seizing the moment. =P
This shot was like in 5s time, the car across us and I just grab my camera to snap this shot.
Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad Entrances.
The eyewitness of the up and down of a country named; Malaysia.
Lonely sidewalk, with a lonely post.
Kuala Lumpur originality; The meet point of Gombak river and Klang River.
It feels like, a petal of flower symbolizes of someone who we love and care.
Antique - the most powerful of attraction..
Walking shoes.
Petaling Street, China Town.
Another side of world yet to be seen.
A reward for myself in a picture after half day walking in the shine of a sun.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stop Motion Pt.2

"Split the second, and you will see everything differently.."
This my trial on water frozen technique.. edited a bit to have the vignette around and colour as well.. Enjoy!~

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stop Motion

Quite bored tonight..just grab some old stock photo and edit this a bit.. Enjoy~ =)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

.: Quack Quack :.

"Whatcha looking at?? Imma not in a mood to take picta' now!~"

Hope you enjoy!  =)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ramadhan, it's not just fasting.

It's not just about fasting; to hold your hunger and thirsty. But it's also a step for you to be better being.

So, in this time around. I would like to ask for apologize for all my mistakes that I've made in or out of my consciousness to all of you. May us be someone better, no matter who we are, in everything what we do.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


A wooden doll in kimono decoration.Edited to Lomography style.
Since my child time, people always confuse on 1st impression towards me. Especially when I do some grocery shopping with chinese auntie/uncle at the cash counter. They will always talk chinese to me..but sorry all I can say is.. "I'm not a chinese.." or "Saya  bukan cina, auntie.."

Well it's been 23 years, but still the things keep going on. Bored? Fed-up? Naahh.. In one sense, I pretty love it because it's actually how people will remember me and that's my trademark. So the next time when they meet me; "Ouh..this the japanese guy.." -act bukan japanese pun~ muahahahahhaha~

Yup.. I'm chinese + japanese blood. But I'm a malay by law. Like melayu takkan hilang di dunia quoted from Hang Tuah. So am I, "Takkan Oyama hilang di dunia~"..hahahahhahahahah~ chiaow~ (^_~)v

Friday, August 6, 2010

What's up doc??

"From eyes to eyes, connected within inside us; between human and nature"

Danbo dan fire drill.

"Don't underestimate other people, they might seen weaker but infact stronger than you are.."

P/S: Just saje2 nak letak di sini even kat facebook pun da ada.. This shot taken 50mm f/1.8 ngan Nikon D90. Setup props in D.I.Y Light box with the rubic hang up to a chair to give the floating effect. Post-processing to erase out the string attached and edit for lomography photo style. 


My office level 33 not sure where it's..but obviously
above the center mark.
Courtesy to the photographer; Syahrin Yahya.

Last Tuesday ada fire drill di Maxis Tower, KLCC. So, as you guys know..we must not use the lift during emergency and have to use the staircase to evacuate the building. But for me, this is the first time I've got to evacuate a building in a fire emergency drill from 33rd Floor!!!! Yup by using emergency staircase until the Ground Floor.. phewhh~ (tapi lagi kesian to those in KLCC Tower yer.. hihi.. 40 below kena pakai tangga jugak kan..)

Apa2 pun, actually it's not that tiring.. just my calf feel fatigue after awhile..but today feel much better.. Kesian one of my office-mate that was attached to Subang Plant came on that day for a meeting....and kena the fire drill as well..hahahah.. cam tahu2 je arituh nak buat fire drill.. Apa2 pun Khairul, anggap ini sebagai exercise sudeyh~ =D

So that's all for now.. thanks for reading my celoteh in here.. :)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Macro: Flies

"If we change our view, we might seen all things differently"

P/S: Robin..if u see this, do comment ya~ =D