Friday, February 5, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Okay guy, back again~ so today post is about a game..haha.. lazy to post bout my work anymore. Quite bored if in the same topic all the time right? So for those who are battlefield fan, this might be a good start to rev up apache's rotor..hoho..

Demo is available as PSN (Playstation Network)..Xbox Live Market..and PC u can search for it...starting from 4th Feb to 25th Feb only. So who anticipate to wait for this game, you might want to try it. The size is around 1.46gb. Only one map is available and up to 24 players can join in a single map. The game will be released on 4th March 2010.

Below is the snapshot of gameplay, sorry for the lousy picture..taken by my cokia nokia handphone.. ouh btw..this is an online game + singe player game (minor) demo only multiplayer online game..

The spawn menu, u can select which class u want

FPS View 1

FPS View 2

Tank View

Win the round

Result of the round..

Just joined the game early this morning before go to work..Nice gameplay for me..few types of tanks, apache is there, not to forget armored jeep. As u can see, only manage to kill 1 person. Long time didnt play battlefield.

The gameplay basically (in the demo), u will be sided with attacker or defender. Attacker will need to deploy alarm at the assignated points..I'm not sure how many, but around 3-4 I guess..because I joined the round in the middle. But I manage to deploy the last alarm that triggered the win round with animation of bombardier bombing around the alarmed place.

As defender, u needed to defend from attacker to deploy the alarm. That's all. I will sure buy this game, more interesting in terms of vehicle.

Look forward all other aspects. Just simple review by me about the gameplay. Thanks!~


Okay2..I tempted to post something about other things..which miserable work place!~ haha..

The books stil on my table~ =_= (if u read prev post u'll know~)

Cheese Cake..yummy~ Birthday celebration at KFC yesterday for my 2 officemate~

Jess cant hardly wait to chop2 all the cake..wahah.. where's Ariff..couldnt find his pic..haha..sori bro~

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