Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So yosh..thanks for reading this again. Well i'm not kinda person yg pandai bercerita but then thanks for reading my blog. Just nak share bout my work, and see what we(students) dont aware til we get in the working situation.

Btw..I'm in Cameron(M) division of Surface System, mean anything regarding wellhead, valve, and etc that involving equipment above the sea level is our conscious. First week, lot of files and projects that I should read on..atleast I know a bit here and there until I really grasp what's the idea when going into the plant nanti.

This is a model in our office at Maxis Tower, KLCC..kinda interesting tgk this model dari awal masuk opis aritue..oohh..and this whole production tree is also known as X'mas Tree. I dunt know how they get the "nick" name but it's used throughout the world..not just Cameron. 

This is all the terminology for the wellhead in detail..kena master all this dulu baru leh explain in detail..for the time being i'm stil getting used with all the terms. @_@

Basically our company is wellhead manufacturer that offer compact wellhead which cost less and acquired less space in platform compare to conventional wellhead. And my specific job will recommending client with detail specification of wellhead that is reliable to their well based on its characteristics also. For now, I'll be having a year of training to prepare myself to be able to do that~ Ganbatte!~

In 2nd week, I got a chance to join FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) for Talisman Client. Basically FAT is for new product that need to testing before it's ready to be sold to the customer. So quite interesting to see all of the people and the machines back in the shop floor when I first time step my foot there. MAZAK 6axis in UTP is non comparable to these machines..at least 2 times bigger than UTP's MAZAK and the drill bits are much much much more bigger. but sadly cant snap a pic or two...(afraid that time if caught in action..but i think it's ok..will try it later~)


So enuff with storytelling..let u enjoy this pics below..have fun!~(^_^)v

So this is where I stay for the time being, Mentari Court, Sunway City.

So this is my office in KLCC, not the twin..but the Maxis Tower. ^^)v

Jadi "perak" jap..not Perak(State)..first time to see KL area from top..
Masjid KLCC if u notice and at its back GDC.

The most left is the Luxury Apartment of AvenueK. Nice inhouse design btw.

This whole bunch of boxes is for my laptop a.k.a desktop with 19" LCD..wakakaka..
the laptop can be port onto an adaptor that automatically connected to the LCD screen to 
function as desktop. Dell offer this technology.

The laptop.

"No one gets hurt, Nothing gets harmed"
This is what the company is concern about.

 Forgot to mention, got chance to sneaking up twin tower at level 40. haha..not sneaking btw
i've got chance to attend morning meeting regarding ongoing projects. become perak once again.

And lastly, love this sunrise view from maxis tower early morning. so calm instead of
hearing cars, train and people around. 

P/s: Sorry, not much interesting topics~ actually got lot more pics but tak larat to upload all. -_- jya nee..douzo yoroushiku onegaishimasou.


sheila izrin zaki said...

sunrise cantek!! :D
psst. xjauh ke from mentari court to klcc?? huhu.. gi keje naek pe?

oYaMa said...

haha..jauh la ke klcc.. naek tren.. 2 tren kena naek..

tapi skrang kat subang, drive keta je da sampai~ hehe

mat khuzailifah said...

wei..area umah ko 2 aku pnah g..tu rumah abg lah dowh..dia ade umah kt sana buat sewa..:p

oYaMa said...

ye ke..haha..

kEyrOL~ said...

mentari court tu yg bnyk kes2 msuk tv kn? uhuuhuhu~

oYaMa said...

yup..aritue ada kes penchulikan pompuan filipina by pak itam...derang kata sampai heli pon datang..hoho..tapi so far aku duduk..tak penah tgk local people kena apa2.. derang byk ngan geng2 derang..

sheila izrin zaki said...

woh. kete baru ke? nak naik! hehe

oYaMa said...

taklah..ada post kat bawah..keta kancil lama..hehe XD

mashimarossa said...

waaa..dok mentari court? blok ape? kakak ade dok sane gak..nanti kalo g lepak umah kakak, bley la lepak2 ngan ko kat swimming pool kat bawah tuh..ceh ceh bajet~` gurau jer~ XD

anyway, good luck kerja~

oYaMa said...

laa saa..boleh je..lepak2 aaa kat warong2 bawah tuh ke..sembang2~ hoho..aku blok F~

sheila izrin zaki said...

eh ade swimming pool? nak tumpang swim. hehehehe :p

oYaMa said...

adaaaa~ haha..meh2.. g swim sorang2~ :P

Nor Hanis said...

Oyam, xde keje kosong ke kt company ko keje tu? aku blaja inverter smpai tahap profesional. company mst jimat tak perlu train aku da... huhuh~

oYaMa said...

ko antar resume..tp pas ko da lepas inventer tuh la..
nnt aku try tanya eng dept.. pasal skrg tgh nk convert2 2d drawing ke 3d...

Affan Azami said...

okay, sgt interesting! have fun working, zul!

oYaMa said...

Thanks for viewing my blog~ ^_^

cikfie said...

mcm mana nak tahu pasal cost yang related ngn maxis tower...?

(for my assignments)

oYaMa said...

apa maksud cikfie cost related ngan maxis tower? the building cost? cost air api? kosmetik? =D

ahmad said...


mcm mana kerja kat cooper cameron? best tak?

oYaMa said...

Yosh..apa habaq..okay la bro.. For experienced wise mmg byk dapat..