Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hidup aku..My Life..私の人生

Cerita2 tentang diri aku serba sedikit. Born in Hospital Butterworth around 3.53am, June 30th 1987. Berat dalam 3.4kg..a bit heavy I think. 1 week demam kuning..quite bad sampai masuk wad. My mom tak dapat datang coz baru abes bersalin & my chinese auntie came along from Sg. Petani (imagine dulu2 without PLUS highway from Sg. Petani to Butterworth) naek motor kapcai je just to see me & take care of me..I think most everyday (based on my mom story).. She just passed away early this year. Rest in peace.

My cousins and my auntie in the most right during Hari Raya

Btw..not all know my family background, so here it goes.. My mom actually a chinese, but my grandma's(chinese) best friend which is a malay and also her neighbour that time took my mom to be as adopted child. Since back in the old time life was pretty hard with a family of many children (i suppose). My mom is the youngest of 6-7 siblings (not pretty sure coz there are few uncle & auntie that i've seldom met). That is my mom story~and here is my mom..and she will always be in my heart now and you mom~ ^_^

Dating with mom at Korean Restaurant

My mom in the old days with mimi(cat)

Back to mine..nie gambar aku time kecik2..baper bulan tak ingat..btw, my name was really inspired by our former PM; Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Now, that's a different is my pic..

That red stroller I did remember somehow..

Oyama..that's a surname~ Inherit from my father; Ahmad Oyama bin Abdullah @ Kunihiro Oyama. Yes, he become a muslim back in 1977 when he is about to marry my mom~ Quite an interesting fact that my father was at age of 9 when the World War II time. He's born in 1934..n currently at age of 75. Here is the pic of my dad~

Tgh melayan cucunya makan~ =)

 My grandfather from Japan

 Haha..remember one day my friend came to my house, my father was sitting in front that time. Then he ask:

Friend: "Oyama ada?"
My Dad: "Ya..saya.."
Friend: "Eh..tak..tak..Zul.."

Hahah..well, people used to call me Oyama more than this thing happen when u come to my house~ haha..Rizkee..Rizkee.. haha..ok..enough of that..Now here is my pics throughout my whole life til now:

My family before I was around

Me in my 1st Baju Melayu

Panjat pokok rambutan depan rumah

My palm during at the age of 12 years old, quite a good way to see how much we grow.

In front of my mom's bakery (closed due to economy downturn in 1998)

During my 17th birthday..notice Najib was there too..
Thank you for everyone that plan this small party for me. 
Not to forget my beloved roommate that time..Lukman Hakim, currently Chemi Student
childish :P, but done well during his exco pemakanan..haha..ubah menu di Dewan Selera dengan mantap skali..

 In Miri, the junction of river and sea.

With adek, during Brunei visit. The mosque behind has a dome of gold on it.

Offshore duty during internship, posture bdan aku tak betul sebab boat goyang2 haha..

Final year student, I am now. With friends; Jaffa, Luke, Peja, Myself & Meen

I guess that's all, this is my life. Hopefully all of you can get to know me better and will be friend forever.. =)


lukehakim said...

wooot.mention la sikit rumet yang supportive ni.yabayaba.
ps:the first to comment!yam yam!

Sachou said...

gambar baju melayu sgt cute

Bajet said...

baru aku kenal siapa Oyama.

oYaMa said...

@luke - haha..nanti aku edit2 haha..

@sachou - a.k.a dayah awaludin..trimas2..aku mmg cute~ hahaha.. @_@

@bajet - camnie aaa..da lama maen saxophone ko baru nak kenal aku~ sedih2~

ida said...

cewahhhh...oyama pon dah ad blog~~

ben oyama said...

Amboi, dia dah buat blog...nanti mlm kben bagi mak baca eh? haha...

pst : final year student with lots of grammar errors...hahaha...improve more bro!

mashimarossa said...

uih perjalanan hidup ko sangat menarik

nak nanges aku bace ha ha ha

ok kite kawan~

kawen jangan lupe jemput ngehs3~~`

alamat aku:
Lot 2046, Jalan Limbongan,
22200 Kg. Raja Besut, Terengganu

oYaMa said...

@ida - wahahah..sajer2 try2..

@kak ben - dey..i'm not language type of person laa..dunt like language btw..

@saa - haha..bukan kita da mmg kawan ker? wahahah~

meen said...

owh ini r blog oyama yg dayah dok sebut dlm blog dia...
nais2 blog ni. [sebab ada pic aku kot]...

oYaMa said...

yup! datang2 la selalu~ whaha

Nor Hanis said...

oyama as akachan.. cho kawaii~

oYaMa said...

@hanis - kecik2 mmg le kawaii..da besar panjang..idok lagi~ ^_^

xwizit said...
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oYaMa said...

chep..yang kat jepun pakai topi tuh bukan ayah aku...tuh datuk aku~ haha..