Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flora & Fauna

So another weeks pass by. Luckily I manage to spend my extra time on my new hobby with one of my friends. Our location is Taman Tasik Shah Alam. We couldn't think any other places for us to cam-whoring. So this is the only place we came across in our last minute plan. So here it goes!~

Pink Flower
Unveil the beauty.

Small flower
I'm fame for my petal in flame.

White flower
Serenity, Tranquility and a little touch of yellow.

Falling to ground alone

Ocoephylla smaradgina (Weaver Ants)
This is hunting time!!!

Ocoephylla smaradgina (Weaver Ants)
Are we twins?


Sarsir said...

nice one! btw, asal gamba no 1 nmpk mcm pelik ek outline bunge 2..kelopak atas skali

oYaMa said...

itu chromatic aberration.. cam lens nye weakness la.. heheh..thanks btw~

Sarsir said...

owh...xtau pon...heheh...btw, wiken neh photo outing?

oYaMa said...

weekend nih insyaAllah..ari sabtu pagi..heheh.. jum2.. =)

robin said...

Wow the ants photos are awesome !!!
Sorry Oyama, I am quite busy in coming one or two weeks. I will surely find you again when I have free time. Nonetheless, do kidnap some friends and go make some shooting happen.

oYaMa said...

no prob robin~ when you're free later on, for sure we'll catch up and having another photo session.. thanks btw~

admin said...

very nice

oYaMa said...

thanks admin~

siti otai said...


oYaMa said...

otai..tak pakai 50mm time nih.. mostly pakai 18-55mm.. =D