Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stray cat

How they struggle to live for the survival of the fittest?
Looking at this picture again and again, remind me of my family beloved cats once before. Few years ago, 3 abandoned kittens were brought back by my sister. They are not even a month old that time, and time pass by with our lots of love and care; all of them grown up to a quite adult cats. 1 of them died earlier by an accident.

I'm not sure what is the reason that time, but our family have to left both of them at a fish market quite far away for a cat to trace back our house. It's more sadden to me, as I'm the one that brought them to the market.

Few weeks later, when I was at my university for my new semester. My sister called me and said, one of the siblings actually arrived at our home...but very skinny, very tired look like. She put a bowl of friskies and another bowl of milk for it, but the cat just ate up a bit and rested for the long journey it had.  The cat look like satisfied for finding back our house. Next morning, the cat nowhere to be found near our house and never come back again.

I've once heard, cats will run away from its owner to die. They don't want the owner to be sad. I'd experienced so much things about cat; my whole family experienced it as well. It's hard to see such things to happen again and til now our family never adopted any cats again in our house.


robin said...

Hey Oyama,
OMG !! I love cats !! But never owned one, only temporarily took care of one which was long time ago.

oYaMa said...

you should have pet once and give them lots of love..and be amazed how clever they can become!~ =)