Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cubicle aku..

Lately ada update in project yang aku buat dari awal.. in assisting Product Design Engineer.. it's a wellhead design.. update yang latest nih client nak tambah2 few things..n i have to redesign most of the parts again..means kena go through SAP system once again..carik2 references design..if lucky ada parts with same technical spec then terus leh amek design dia..but this time around..i'm not seriously lucky...

SAP betray me this time.. T_T ..byk design kena buat sendiri rs nyer.. huhu..serabut2.. even PDE pun kata this time abit leceh..not much different, so from our point of view..a bit alter from what they need, in order to make a perfect wellhead system..

haha.. looks my desk below.. da brapa byk i print BOM and drawings to find the references..but still not so much i get.. >_<" those below are not only it..ada byk lagi~ but..i love this kind of "exploration".. learn a lot from this experiences..

time nih aku rest jap..tgk serabut meja aku..tak tersusun dah..then aku amek pen pacak2 kan kat tepi keyboard tuh as da blank tarik nafas..g bancuh hot choc dulu..then start another search!~ =)

ok til then..chiaow~


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