Monday, November 16, 2009

My dreams~

I seriously deeply had a thought about this..
One of my perform a concert in front of audiences that know how to appreciate musics..and..yup..with my favorite instrument..

Saxophone..oh yes!
Learned how to play it back in 2005, after attended modern music co-curriculum classes..Then got a chance to join UTP Orchestra (Thanks to cikgu Rosli, Senpai Anuar & Senpai Bob for gave me that chance and to my other orchestra members as well) even though I'm not that up to par..but somehow I joined in..And in August 2005..first UTP Orchestra Grand Concert held at MPH..and I performed that time..! How lucky I am that time.. Continue to perform in several events/ of it..MPO Opening Show at KLCC..another great experience for me..

This is the performance at MPO Hall, KLCC.

And in 2007..I've led UTP Orchestra that time..I admitted lots of my mistakes during my presidential period but I guess..we rise after we fall rite? So I learned from it. Even though, I performed for several occasion..but dreams.. I want to learn more..and more..and achieve something that I'll be proud of.. performing a solo concert. That's may sound crazy..but who knows? Lucky might strike me..but comes with a long journey..~

My fellow orchestra team members..the best time of all..

All of performers in Symphonyfest07..thanks to make this event successfully!

Myself playing at the MPO Opening Day Concert